“As Attorney General of Nebraska, I know what the job demands. In Kansas, Tony Mattivi is the only candidate with the experience for the job. I endorse him fully.”-Doug Peterson

“I’m supporting Tony because I want a professional running the Attorney General’s office,”- Doug McNett

“It is critical that we elect an experienced prosecutor to run the Attorney General’s office. Not only has Tony worked in the AG’s office prosecuting cases in Kansas, but he has prosecuted terrorists on the world stage. We have worked with Tony for many years and know him to be the best candidate for this important position in our state.”– Jeff Easter

“Kansas needs an Attorney General like Tony Mattivi. With his experience handling high profile cases like the Garden City domestic terror threat and the bombing of the USS Cole, as well as taking down drug cartels and traffickers, he has the know-how to keep our state safe and put criminals behind bars. I have no doubt that Tony will stand up for our families and our constitutional rights in the court room and beyond. I am proud to endorse Tony for our next Attorney General of Kansas,”– Bob Blecha

“Tony has decades of experience prosecuting terrorism and other high-profile cases and is the only candidate who has worked in the AG’s office. I encourage you to carefully look at the other two people running for Attorney General.  I believe you will come to the same conclusion I have:  Tony has all the prosecutorial tools, leadership and administrative skills needed to be our next Attorney General.”– Mike Hill

“Tony has consistently put our state and our country first in his career. He’s taken on criminals ranging from terrorists to murderers to drug cartels to protect our families and our freedoms. Tony is the only candidate in this race that has a complete grasp of what it means to be Attorney General. I know that Tony will protect our Constitution and back our men and women in blue, and for that, I am glad to endorse him.”– Charles Radabaugh

“I endorse Tony Mattivi for Attorney General because he is the tough, experienced, law-and-order prosecutor that our state needs as AG.  As the County Attorney for Geary County, I know the issues facing prosecutors across this state.  We are fighting a constant battle against crime, and we need the AG’s office to be a partner and a resource in that fight.  Our county attorney’s offices can’t afford to have someone in office that doesn’t understand the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of our offices.  Tony Mattivi is a prosecutor, not a politician, and he’s the right person for the job.”- Krista Blaisdell

“I endorse Tony Mattivi for attorney general because he’s the only candidate who is qualified for the job. Tony is an experienced prosecutor who has tried some of our state and our country’s most challenging and complex cases.”- Bill Carr

“It’s no doubt that Tony is the best person for this job. His extensive career working with law enforcement to put criminals behind bars and keep our communities safe is just what our state needs in an Attorney General. I believe Tony will fight for the rights of all Kansans both in and out of the courtroom and will help make our state safe again.”- Frank Denning

“I am happy to endorse Tony as the Republican nominee for Kansas Attorney General. Like me, Tony is a career prosecutor and not a politician. As a County Attorney here in Kansas I realize how important the Office of the Attorney General is in training and supporting the prosecutors across the state. We need a strong, pro law enforcement prosecutor in this position who understands our jobs and our unique needs. I have known Tony for over 20 years and believe he is the perfect fit for Kansas and will serve its citizens well if elected as our next Attorney General.”- Brandon Jones

“Tony Mattivi would be a top prosecutor for the state of Kansas whereas the other candidates would be a top politician for the state of Kansas.” Linus Thurston 

 “It’s an honor to join the law enforcement community in support of Tony for Attorney General. As a career prosecutor, Tony would bring much needed experience to the job.”- Jerry Hathaway

“As Pawnee County sheriff, I think I owe the public my honest opinion, and my opinion is that nobody is better qualified than Tony to be our next attorney general. I believe that Tony is the best candidate for AG because he has the interests of the state of Kansas at heart.”- Scott King

“At a time when violent crime – and especially the murder rate – is surging across the state, we need an Attorney General who is focused on law and order. As the County Attorney for Hodgeman County and the Prosecuting Attorney for Dodge City, I am especially concerned with electing an AG who will be a much-needed resource for rural counties and smaller communities. That’s why I’m endorsing Tony Mattivi.”- Mark Cowell