Mattivi Campaign Announces Twenty Prosecutorial Endorsements

Topeka, KS — Tony Mattivi’s campaign is announcing twenty district/county attorneys across the state who have endorsed his candidacy for Attorney General. The District Attorney or County Attorney is a county’s chief - and sometimes only - prosecutor. The support of these prosecutors shows Mattivi’s deep and growing support among law enforcement.


The full list of prosecutor endorsers is as follows:

Marc Bennett, Sedgewick County District Attorney

Todd Thompson, Leavenworth County Attorney

Doug McNett, Pawnee County Attorney

Brandon Jones, Franklin County Attorney

Tom Stanton, Reno County District Attorney

Krista Blaisdell, Geary County Attorney

Barry Wilkerson, Riley County Attorney

Shawna Miller, Jackson County Attorney

William “Bill” Halvorsen, Chase County Attorney

Jack Hobbs, Osage County Attorney

Wade Bowie II, Coffey County Attorney

Elizabeth Sweeney-Reeder, Miami County Attorney

Tabitha Owen, Smith County Attorney

Linus Thuston, Neosho County Attorney

Brad Lippert, Nemaha County Attorney

Kevin Hill, Brown County Attorney

Jeff Ebel, Saline County Attorney

Jerry Hathaway, Allen County Attorney

Sherri Schuck, Pottawattamie County Attorney

Mark Cowell, Hodgeman County Attorney

Several of the endorsing prosecutors offered statements in support of their decision to endorse Mattivi, who is running as a conservative outsider and career prosecutor.

“I’m supporting Tony because I want a professional running the Attorney General’s office,” said Doug McNett. Echoing that statement, Krista Blaisdell said:

I endorse Tony Mattivi for Attorney General because he is the tough, experienced, law-and-order prosecutor that our state needs as AG.  As the County Attorney for Geary County, I know the issues facing prosecutors across this state.  We are fighting a constant battle against crime, and we need the AG's office to be a partner and a resource in that fight.  Our county attorney's offices can't afford to have someone in office that doesn’t understand the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of our offices.  Tony Mattivi is a prosecutor, not a politician, and he's the right person for the job.

 Offering his full support, Brandon Jones offered the following statement:

I am happy to endorse Tony as the Republican nominee for Kansas Attorney General. Like me, Tony is a career prosecutor and not a politician. As a County Attorney here in Kansas I realize how important the Office of the Attorney General is in training and supporting the prosecutors across the state. We need a strong, pro law enforcement prosecutor in this position who understands our jobs and our unique needs. I have known Tony for over 20 years and believe he is the perfect fit for Kansas and will serve its citizens well if elected as our next Attorney General.

“Tony Mattivi would be a top prosecutor for the state of Kansas whereas the other candidates would be a top politician for the state of Kansas,” said Linus Thurston. Striking a similar tone, Jerry Hathaway said, “It’s an honor to join the law enforcement community in support of Tony for Attorney General. As a career prosecutor, Tony would bring much needed experience to the job.”

Mark Cowell said, “At a time when violent crime - and especially the murder rate - is surging across the state, we need an Attorney General who is focused on law and order. As the County Attorney for Hodgeman County and the Prosecuting Attorney for Dodge City, I am especially concerned with electing an AG who will be a much-needed resource for rural counties and smaller communities. That's why I'm endorsing Tony Mattivi.”