Lincoln, Nebraska — Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson today announced his endorsement of Tony Mattivi to be the next Attorney General of Kansas. Mattivi is a career prosecutor with decades of complex case experience.

In his endorsement, Attorney General Peterson said the following:

“As Attorney General of Nebraska, I know what the job demands. In Kansas, Tony Mattivi is the only candidate with the experience for the job. I endorse him fully.”

Elaborating on the experience of Mattivi that will lend itself to success at Kansas’ next Attorney General and emphasizing the importance of electing a non-career politician, Peterson added:

“The Attorney General is a state’s highest law enforcement official and should be as far removed as possible from undue political influence. Voters should elect a candidate that is truly a law enforcement official instead of a politician looking for a job on their way to higher office.”


Tony Mattivi has received a steady stream of endorsements from the law enforcement community across Kansas, including sheriffs, district attorneys, county attorneys, and the State Troopers Association, among others. Tony’s experience as a prosecutor– not a politician– with decades of law enforcement experience uniquely qualifies him for the job of Attorney General.