January 10, 2022

Contact: Christian Hulen,


Topeka, Kansas – The Mattivi Campaign announced today a fundraising total for 2021 of $135,605. This year-end total is unprecedented for a Republican political outsider seeking the nomination for Attorney General. The haul is more dramatic considering how recently Mattivi announced his primary bid. Having had just over one full quarter to campaign, Mattivi’s strong and accelerating fundraising effort speaks to robust grassroots enthusiasm for the candidate running as a prosecutor, not a politician.

As career politicians, Kellie Warren and Kris Kobach have an early fundraising advantage by appealing to previous donors, special interest PACs, and politically connected lobbyists. Although Warren and Kobach have announced higher fundraising totals, it is yet to be seen how much those totals are padded by loans from the candidates. Mattivi’s current total is composed of 100% contributions and remains competitive. All of the campaigns are on pace to go into the August primary well-funded and able to put their message before voters. The question is, which candidate has a message most likely to resonate with voters?

Speaking with a group of supporters, Mattivi said “The Attorney General is the state’s chief law enforcement official. I believe that person ought to actually be a law enforcement professional.” Mattivi’s message is a resounding success with voters and the law enforcement community alike. With more endorsement announcements expected in coming days, Mattivi has already dazzled with a slew of Sheriffs, District Attorneys, County Attorneys and others. “When people want to know which candidate will stand up for law and order, they’re going to ask their sheriff, not Washington politicians or powerful special-interest groups.”